2009-05-30 16:33:45 by KhaosSniper


This shits the best

2008-06-09 14:46:54 by KhaosSniper

Taste better than normal Rockstar.

This shits the best

If NG had a Penis Emicon.

2008-03-23 21:41:10 by KhaosSniper

The forums would look a lot different.
(emicon by KhaosSniper)

If NG had a Penis Emicon.

Made another one before this but the order of the lvls was messed up plus some other small things, so I fixed it and here it is. I also made one with neutral aura. Tell me wut you think

My custom Newgrounds wallpaper.

My Costom NG background.

2008-02-04 20:21:23 by KhaosSniper

Check out this background I made in PhotoShop. Its easy to make so I don't doubt someone will say I didn't make it because someone else made it before, but idc. I made it w/ dark aura b/c thats my aura.

My Costom NG background.

New audio

2008-02-02 19:18:37 by KhaosSniper

I've made a creepy new audio. Check it out.
P.S. review it plz.

New audio

Pedafiles and fags

2008-01-21 22:57:35 by KhaosSniper

Theres a pedafile/child molester person in the flash portal and a fag on the front page. Whats this world(Newgrounds) coming to!!!

Damb that portal's full

2008-01-01 00:13:16 by KhaosSniper

At 12:00 new years day the under judgment flashes reached up to 30!!!